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        DCS30A Automatic filling machine DCS30B Automatic filling machine More +
        DCS30AFB Adhesive and glue filling machine-A001

        DCS30AFB Adhesive and glue filling machine-A001

        • Applications:Applicable to various coatings, inks, automotive paint, furniture paint, adhensives (glue), resin, chemical solvents, curing agents, lubricants, shoes glue, spray glue, and all kinds of liquids which can flow.

        DCS30AYFBII Double Heads Filling Capping Machine with Filter Pump Cart-A013 DCS30A Automatic metering liquid filling machine -A003 DCS30AFB Liquid filling machine with filter pump cart -A004 DCS30AYFB Automatic filling machine with capping machine -A005 DCS30A&GYFB Filling machine with capping machine-A007 CS30AFB Newly Automatic Oil Filling Machine-A031
        DCS30A Automatic filling line DCS30B Automatic filling line More +
        DCSZD5A2FYFBYZH Filling Machine for Industrial-A015 DCSZD5G1FJGFYFB Automatic Liquid Filling Machine-A016 DCSZD5G2FGYFBYZH Automatic Oil Filling Machine Filling Line-A017 DCSZD30B2GFYFB Fully Automatic Filling Line for Caoating /Oils-A019 DCSZD30A1GY Filling Machine for Industrial Paint/ Anti-Corrosion Paint/ Floor Pa DCSZD10A1JGFY Gravity type automatic filling production line-A021

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        Guangzhou Huixin Mechanical & Electrical Equipments Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of liquid filling packaging equipment for all kinds of Chemical Fluids, such as: Industrial coatings, paints, epoxy resin, solvent, thinner curing agent, varnish, adhesives, glue, ink, lubricants, pesticide, electroplate liquid, daily chemical, etc. We have over 300 models of filling packaging machinery, including Semi-automatic filling machine, Fully-Automatic filling line, Filter, Filter-pump cart, Bucket putting machine, Cap putting machine, Capping machine, Weight sorting machine and Palletizer/Stacker crane (Frame type & Robot arm type) for pallets...

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